Cremation Diamond, A Perfect Memorial

A Recent trend which has recently surfaced is turning ashes to diamonds.At original it sounds kind of odd but if you put a notion or two inside it, you will see it is a gorgeous idea to consider family members. These diamonds are called cremation diamonds.It has already been so difficult to let our loved ones go. We only wish we can see them but sometimes life has it proposed. Are these real diamonds? Though cremation diamonds are made from the cremated Ashes of these people we loved, they are diamonds. These diamonds can be rated like any other diamonds. Is there are any gaps between the two types Of diamonds? There's no gap between the two Types of Diamonds except their own source. These diamonds have been created from ash that were cremated where as any diamond is made from minerals for centuries. The process of turning ash into diamonds Each Body comprises approximately carbondioxide. So, it requires nearly 200 g / 8 oz of cremated ash or 10 gram / 0.4 ounces of hair to turn ashes to a gorgeous stone. Then together with the help of a machine, then that is put on a specific level of temperature that is necessary to turn the carbon to graphite, the diamond takes a few weeks (typically ) to shape. Expenses And Certification Like These diamonds, any other diamonds can also be pretty high priced. The starting price point for these diamonds is $1,900 for a 0.25 carats (4.0 mm), whereas 2.0 carats (8.0 millimeters ) will cost $15,500. GIA and IGI can certify these diamonds If You get a foot seeing this whole thing your head. Get diamonds. This is just actually a gorgeous chance to remember your loved ones.

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